Product Advantages

Tian Di No. 1 is a healthy beverage naturally made from matured vinegar.

It is very suitable for those facing immense pressure and stress, for those who spend many late hours entertaining, who drink and smoke excessively, who spend frequent late nights and who have irregular meal times. In addition and for women, it truly helps in enhancing their beauty.

Tian Di No.1 Apple Vinegar Drinks, the perfect beverage, now available for those who care for their body and want to improve their existing health and lifestyle.

Besides being a tasty beverage, apple vinegar has also many benefits for our health.

  1. Reduces tiredness and eliminate fatigue
    Apple vinegar is rich in organic acids that promotes glucose metabolism and create more energy while speeding up the decomposition of lactic acid that cause fatigue.
  2. Stabilizes PH level in our body
    Apple vinegar is a basic "physiological" and organic food that maintains the acid-base and balances and the pH level in the human body.
  3. Improves digestion and absorption
    Apple vinegar improves the digestive fluid (gastric acid) secretion in our digestive system which in turn increases the stomach digestive system.
  4. Prevents Aging
    Apple vinegar reduces oxidation of lipid in our body, therefore delaying the aging process of the body.
  5. Prevents Hypertension and Arteriosclerosis
    Chinese medicine practitioners have said that apple vinegar improves the blood flow and stabilizes the blood pressure. Western medicine claims that apple vinegar helps to clear excess salt in our body thereby stabilizing the blood pressure.
  6. Enhances Excretion function
    Apple vinegar will prevent stone formation or the crystallization of salt of urine in our kidney results in stone formation. Vinegar prevents formation of stones by dissolving these crystals.
  7. Prevents Obesity
    According to research, apple vinegar reduces the conversion of amino acids to excessive fat while improving the absorption of nutrients into the human body and stabilizes the metabolic rate.
  8. Improves skin beauty
    Apple vinegar not only reduces skin pigmentation but also reduces black spots. It will also improve blood circulation by shrinking the pores on the skin to create smooth and soft skin.
  9. Reduces alcohol toxicity
    Vinegar can reduce the toxicity of alcohol consumed, reduce hangovers and allow one to not to get drunk easily